Repetition of Words and Perfection.

“If Things are said recurrently, they lose their meaning.”

This is a very arguable statement as the Corporate World exists on the opposite side of the Statement, telling the same Topics to the employee-Target, Perfection, Quality, Marketing, Deadlines-but in the real world do topics like ‘PERFECTION’ exist and if it does, do preaching works?

Defending the Statement, I could give examples of how Things Lose Their Meanings.

First, is kind of odd but it’s interesting”-Foul Language and Curse Words.

These words have been circulated and spoken, to such a large extent that they have lost their meanings and people say them so casually without thinking the literal meaning of it.

Most people define swearing as a reaction of them being angry or frustrated, but people swear for several reasons and in a variety of situations, sometimes just addressing people you are friends with and about whom you care with these words. This define Recurrence as not instilling the mind with useful information but the exact opposite of it.

Same can be explained with Advices, which have been more and less same throughout mankind’s existence.This can be proved by reading Self-Help Books as you can see that the pattern, theory and principles being repeated.Its all same and still people don’t get the hang of it, as they think that the idea discussed is just theoretical and fits in an ideal world and not in the real world.This just leads to overconsumption of books and even videos , as productivity channels are at peak right now preaching how to kill procrastination and building perfect routines but the result is null as advices really don’t work until you want it to work

Arguing the statement I shall quote Aristotle whose wisdom cant be questioned by a mere blogger like me.“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”-Aristotle. He writes about Actions but it can be interpreted into Words too.

In a World Of Business, assess and even Literature Repetition is highly valued to instil the thought in a person’s mind. Successful Managers preach the value of Repetition to such an extent that it makes it fundamental to managing people and getting the job done.

David Gergen, says on the subject of repetition,

“If you want to get your point across, especially to a broader audience, you need to repeat yourself so often, you get sick of hearing yourself say it. And only then will people begin to internalize what you’re saying.”

Now giving equal weightage to both ends of the statement. I shall quote Nietzsche to derive a conclusion.

“There are no facts, only interpretations.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

This Quote always ends the discussion and even makes debating futile, which is not cause the Spirit Of Questioning is The Spirit Of Life.

Anyways, when talking very narrowly about just getting the job done, Repetition do work but what about Creative Jobs, well repetition is the enemy there in getting the job done as it hinders the process by constant reminders of deadlines. Some though still found themselves in creative heights when under pressure.

Talking about the most repeated word in this modern world to support the statement is Perfection. This one is every Business coaches and managers favourite word. Even I have heard it so many times that it made me dislike this word to such an extent that I am even hating to type it or say it. In the real world, I define doing work as doing it with full strength and intellect you can provide apart from telling them to make it Perfect.

“Perfect is so subjective yet so Universal”-Adwait Sharma

that it makes it so Unachievable and futile to chase.

Now in this world, I do believe Perfection doesn’t exist and it doesn’t need to be because if it did we didn’t have to sleep as God would have created us as a perfect man doing great work every time, God wouldn’t have created night as Day yields the perfect situation, God would have made humans immortal. Now just for this topic, I stand with Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz theory of “Best of All Possible Worlds”.

Although Controversial I stand with Leibniz Theory, though I reject its hypothesis to define Poverty as Voltaire Pointed out but his theory is perfectly applied to work. This doesn’t mean that the first draft is perfect of anything, the refinement is infinite but perfection is just like a poem that never ends but just stops at interesting places.While arguing perfection people always tell me that you have to do 110% but they take it too literally and say that Perfection pushes you beyond your border but as humans dont use a large percentage of what our brains can do we are actually still using less than we can. So why fight over getting 110% when we are still at using only 5% of our brains.

So what we need to do is Re-Define Perfection. I am not narrowing down humans mind to that we do only what we are capable of, we can indeed push towards refinement but the vicious cycle will hinder the thought which originated the whole concept and kill the idea’s soul.

Work should indeed be good and even beyond that but telling recurrently that it should be Perfect hinders the process.

What we should naturally be is giving our best work always. Without getting told that it should be perfect. We should make it so common that delivering the best shan’t be just a luxury for consumer but a natural thing to get.

Bringing an end to my first blog, i like to invite you to a dialogue on this topic in my discord where we will discuss anything from Buisness, Finance to Films,Youtube and Productivity and Life in general.





Practising Philosophy, not the subject but the Greek Etymology”Love of Wisdom” @adwait sharma India

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Practising Philosophy, not the subject but the Greek Etymology”Love of Wisdom” @adwait sharma India

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